Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hand of fate

With it's hand closed and deadly
swinging sword and mace.
Trough the souls of people bounded
To this fragile meager space.

Bringing havoc and frustration
to the lives of tiny plebs.
Drowning dreams with fascination
and endow them with heavy debts.

Taking lives of people near
and destroying homes of birth,
Driving wedge between people dear
to erase them from this earth.

Loosing in countries foreign
all the children that know no home,
Bribing those corrupted figures
to ignore their pain and tone.

Flooding bodies with the sickness
that eludes the cure of men,
Hope is lasting not forever
when the death does takes us then.

Hello world

Hello world the darkness coming
breading here beneath our feet.
Flowing trough art surroundings
bringing us a black embrace.

With the arms of pure illusion
binding us to simple lies,
Showing us the road to future
that is marked with empty ways.

No escape is showing trough
the cloud of mist abound.
And the light of life eternal
dimming in this cold surround.

Bring the joy of knowledge
to dispel this fatal grip.
To release our willing bodies
and receive the final gift.